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Saturday 2 May

A day jam packed with events for all, what more could you want? All  information and links to live streams detailed below.

What are you waiting for? Get browsing and plan your day…

Thank you to the wonderful Pilates in Bath for opening our festival and helping you rid any stress and stiffness in your body.

Please do take a look at her website for further online, and after lockdown offline, classes as well. 



We give Primary School age children the focus and confidence to achieve in all areas of their lives.  Yes, you can learn to take care of yourself in dangerous situations, but really it’s about learning to use your mind and body like a martial artist – learn how to control your body and your mind, and you will be set up for life.

Our #LarkhallLockdown class included  2-3 minutes of warm up, then some basic martial arts moves, followed by a kicking drill, and a game to finish. We will also be answered questions at the end.
We are still running, virtually, so if you like what you see please do sign up for a month free in our special club, either during or after lockdown, or both.  Participants can register for a month free on www.tigermartialarts.club/monthfree 

Raych gave a wonderful ‘Introduction to Sing and Sign – appropriate for all families with children from aproximately 5 months upto 2 years old.
Approximately 30min of songs, signs and nursery rhymes.  
Just copy my hands to join the signing bit and you might learn some new songs to sing with your little ones. 
If you’ve not used signs before there will be some tips as to how best to do so, if you have been to Sing and Sign there will be lots of familiar parts.
Find more about her classes here.

LAUGHTERCISE…It’s time to try something Bonkers!! 
Many of you have heard about Laughter Yoga which is what Laughtercise is based on. It’s a mixture of shoulder-shrugging exercises and laughter and it doesn’t depend on jokes, or comedy, or humour.

I created Laughtercise around the philosophy that the body doesn’t know the difference between real and fake laughter, so even if you start off pretending to laugh it soon becomes genuine laughter. It’s a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. It’s a super-connector for people and it’s a fun way to increase your serotonin – the happy hormone. Starting with my unique 4starter laughs we proceed into laughter exercises and some good ol’ fashioned giggles.
Lockdown can cause
 tension….try the Laughter argument to get happy again!
Find Steph and more from Grin & Tonic on her website.

Our wonderful friends on the other side of Bath have kindly agreed to take us with them as they dish out lunch to their furry and feathered residents…

MyPubChoir led a wonderful “live” singalong session  via “Zoom”.  Fun songs, Popular songs and a bit of disco dancing – all from the comforts of your living room.  

To find out more about how you can sing with them regularly visit their website.


Announcing, the Virtual Miniature Soapbox Derby 2020!

The Soapbox Derby is back, though this time with a difference.  It is one of a number of events in the Larkhall Lockdown Festival this coming weekend, and instead of the streets of Larkhall, the race tracks will be your living rooms and hallways!

Contestants have been encouraged to build their own ‘mini’ carts, and video them in action.  

Prizes were awarded for the Best Engineered Kart and the Best Presented Kart (which took account of any team fancy dress).  

GDPR: Please refer to the Festival’s GDPR policy for more information.  

Ultimately, it is all just a bit of fun with the aim of getting our creative juices flowing and bringing us all together in these challenging times.

The H’eggs company was formed as a result of undying love for fresh pasta. We source only local organic ingredients to produce super yummy and easy to digest pasta.

Join us whilst we share some trade secrets.

Have a DIY question? Want to speak to Larkhall’s resident expert? Or just missing Mike’s friendly face? Then this is the session for you!

Transcript will be published in the coming days – watch this space.


No festivals this year?

Wondering what to do with your feather boa and wellies?

Well, look no further because its QuizFest here at #LarkhallLockdown and its time to don your best Fest gear and join us for what might be a brilliant quiz!

The quiz can still be watched on our Facebook page!

Welcome to Larkhall Live Lounge.

Get ready for 90 minutes of live music played by local musicians. Sink into your sofa and kick off your shoes. The music will in turn relax and start the party in your kitchen. Click the link below to watch on YouTube.

Set List:

Professor Jez Broun, living and playing locally he plays on his own handcrafted synthesised guitar to create the sound of many instruments including a grand piano. A funky, bluesy start to the night. 

Mateo Davis who has only been learning the piano for 3 years but plays sublime easy listening with a definite possibility of moody improvisation. 

Mia Welsh was a huge success at last year’s festival’s acoustic cafe. Playing solo her performances on harp transform already much loved songs. It’s a wonderful world. 

Vicki Farley is launching a new album on Sunday with the band Boudicca’s Child. Listen to her beautiful voice. 

Marick and Ellie playing flute and bodhran. If you have missed their Bath gigs since Lockdown. A chance to get up and dance. 

David Vigar is an acoustic singer-songwriter. If you are falling in or out of love this is the gig for you. Catch up on his Lockdown song 

Brothers Oli and Sky Jones on piano and saxophone playing jazz classics so turn the lights down low and soak in the sultry vibes. 


Fast Fresh and Dirty, Stand Up Judge & Jury. 

9 Acts perform 5 minutes of stand up Comedy and compete for your votes. 
A terrific night in with everyone dressed with ‘Hatitude’ 
Special Guest Appearance – Wobbie Wobbit
Comedy Songwriter and Performer with a sing-a-long finale – Have your dogs on hand!
View anytime on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyIyWqmsVrQ

Thank you so much for taking part in our #LarkhallLockdown festival – we’ve really enjoyed pulling this all together so we hope you’ve had fun too.

Don’t forget that a lot of the content will still be available for the foreseeable future here on the website and we’ll be keeping you updated with any community news.

Until then: Stay home | Stay safe | Protect the NHS 

Over the weekend and beyond...

Not everyone wants to engage with live streamed fun so we also have a host of events happening without a time specific commitment being needed.

Take a look…

Larkhall’s very own Kate Woods has created three exclusive designs that you can make too, be it Vivienne the Rocker, Lake the Flower Power Goddess, or a truly awesome Soapbox Derby Kart all you need is an empty toilet roll to get started.

Please post your creations on social media and tag #LarkhallLockdown, or post to our Facebook page if you have a private account, and one lucky winner will receive an exclusive custom framed portrait of child and doll to match!

Now that is too good an opportunity to miss – get clicking and creating now!!


With all this time locked down, our Homes and Garden are looking magazine worthy right?

For those of us with kids, maybe not… However if you can find a corner of serenity, we’ve teamed up with local letting agents Aspire to Move are offering a generous £50 Amazon voucher for the best photo.

Enter by tagging us in a post:

Twitter – @Aspiremove
Facebook – @Aspiretomove
Instagram – @aspiretomovebath
E-mail entries – info@aspiretomove.co.uk

Entries are now closed – winners to be announced soon.

Click below to view the Bake Off Wall of Fame

Sad not to be showing off your year’s worth of gurning practice? Do not fear as we’re taking it social…

Simply tag @LarkhallFestival in your best (or should that be worst!) face photo and tag  #LarkhallLockdown #Gurning on social media platforms, for all to enjoy – we’ll even be checking TikTok! Please make sure your posts are public 🙏

Competition is open to anyone of any age and entries should be uploaded by 7pm on Saturday 2nd May.

Please like/favourite the best gurns to help select the winners who will be announced on social media on Sunday 3rd May based on judges votes and peoples votes.

Trophies for all winners.

View Adrian Feeeney’s beautiful local photography project – Larkhall in Lockdown.

His aim is to photograph hundreds of Larkhall residents in their doorways, walking their dogs, or just standing in queues.


There are over 50 artists and crafts-people operating in the local Larkhall area and Covid-19 isn’t about to stop their creativity.


Take a look at many more of the best gardens Larkhall has to offer…

Stop the Press!! Yes, you absolutely read that right – Larkhall Festival is on TikTok!

Show us your best moves or simply how you’re staying safe and sane by tagging us in your #LarkhallLockdown videos.

We’ve also teamed up with Steph at Get With The Programme who has set the Cross-legged, stand-up, sit-down family challenge

Here’s an explanation of how to do it (and you can upload your videos to any social media) but check out our TikTok channel to see our attempts 😎 

p.s. backing track of I get knocked down is not compulsory but definitely recommended!

The very talented local printmaker, Dominique Coiffait is very kindly putting together some colouring sheets for you to print out and colour at home.

We’d love to see these displayed in windows on our daily walks ❤️

The Larkhall URC Flower Festival is usually a highlight in our church calendar. The church is filled with beautiful floral displays and our cafe and stalls are always a big hit.

We are sad that this year we cannot celebrate the coming of the summer like we usually would. We had planned our festival to coincide with the Larkhall Festival to add to the wonderful community spirit of that event.

Like the Larkhall Festival, we have decided to instead have a VIRTUAL Flower Festival next weekend.

So how will it work?

Take photos of flowers whilst out on your daily walks, create a floral display at home or get crafting and make something floral. Upload photos and videos of the beautiful flowers and tag us Larkhall URC. Alternatively you can email: larkhallurc@hotmail.com and we will add them for you. We hope to create an album of beautiful floral displays for you all to enjoy.

The wonderful team over at our local daycare, Snapdragons, have a whole podcast channel of kids’ stories ready for your little ones.

Listen here

In 2011 Larkhall Festival commissioned a short film which was scripted, improvised, acted, assisted and directed by the children from Larkhall who volunteered to become involved in the project.

The original idea was to make a documentary about the local area and this evolved into a wonderful and unusual mixture of docu/drama with fantastical aspects!

You, the local community showed yourselves to be a wonderful variety of improvisors and story tellers with many hidden talents and an ability to ‘go along with the idea’. The result is a really entertaining mix of whimsy, insights, laughs and real tear jerking moments of historical truth. Something I think we can all agree is needed right now.


Please note that photographs and live footage may be taken throughout the course of the Larkhall Lockdown streamed and pre-recorded events. These may be used by the Festival for marketing and publicity in our publications, on our website and in social media or in any third party publication. Please contact the event organiser if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempted from this activity.  festival@larkhall-festival.org.uk