A year of festivities!

We don’t have a crystal ball unfortunately so in light of the unknown, instead of spending all our time planning a weekend which may be unfeasible, Larkhall Festival has decided to adapt and overcome by organising regular events or activities throughout the year to help keep spirits high and embrace the wonderful community we have here in Larkhall.

Click any of the images below to view the event.

We really look forward to seeing what form your creativity and ingenuity takes for our year of festivities – if this isn’t the year to think outside the box we’re not sure what is.

All of us who help organise the festival are incredibly grateful for the continued support of the community, without whom it would be nothing, and we hope that we can continue to add value to you all in this upcoming year. It is a large undertaking so if there are any ideas that you would like to put forward, or time you can offer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at festival@larkhall-festival.org.uk

Thanks all,

The Larkhall Festival Committee