Illuminate Larkhall

Join in and light up lockdown

January and February 2021

Is it starting to feel like this long winter will last forever?

Help break up the dark, dull days of lockdown by joining in with Illuminate Larkhall.

Maybe you’ve seen illuminated window trails in other parts of Bath (e.g. Newbridge) and elsewhere – there have been a few recently. Now we’re coordinating one for Larkhall to brighten up the dark nights.

If you’re hearing about this for the first time and want to make a display but think you might be a bit late, please just join in and let us know by sending a photo to festival@larkhall-festival.org.uk. It will definitely be merrier with more.

 Click here for some inspiration 

Joining in is simple – all you need to do is:




Create a stained-glass inspired window decoration using tissue paper, tracing paper, greaseproof paper, marker pens etc.

It can be words or pictures and illustrative or abstract – do whatever takes your fancy

Display it in a window that can be seen from the street and where you’re happy to leave a light on.

Send a photo of your creation to festival@larkhall-festival.org.uk

Look at everyone’s windows in the online gallery below or as you pass by.

Please remember to follow the current covid-19 guidelines here


Ideas To Make your own


Glue tissue paper or cardboard shapes onto tracing paper or greaseproof paper

Draw onto tracing paper or greaseproof paper with a dark-coloured marker pen

Cut holes in different shapes from cardboard or dark paper and cover the cut out area with coloured tissue paper, tracing paper or greaseproof paper

Use coloured sweet wrappers and cellophane - Quality Street are great for this!

If you’re short of ideas or not very confident about your design skills, you can find images on the internet to cut out or copy - you can find clipart silhouettes of pretty-much anything.


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Shane's Memorial Fund

Sadly we recently lost a member of our community. Shane was one of the many whose support enabled his partner to devote time to pulling together the Festival over the years. In showing our support in return we would love you to click through to learn more and donate to the wonderful cause that he channelled his own fundraising efforts into.


3SG is coordinating a local group of charities, residents, students and businesses to come together to create a Compassionate Community so we can support each other.


Festival History

In November 2007 a small group of strangers came together in the back room of the Rose & Crown with an idea to put on a community festival. After 18 months of talking, toiling, cajoling, and occasional bursts of inspiration, the first Larkhall Festival took place over the May Bank Holiday weekend 2009. Something must have worked because the festival has taken place every year since then!

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